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Shaping voices with a futuristic approach to therapy

Merge technology and compassion to provide personalized, interactive speech therapy for children. 

AI-driven interactions

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About Us

At Speak Better, we are empowering children with speech disorders, specifically those facing challenges related to Articulation and Phonological disorders. Our interactive application serves as a supportive companion for these young individuals, providing them with the tools and guidance they need to overcome communication barriers and build confidence in expressing themselves.

Through a variety of interactive games and personalized exercises, we guide children on their journey to clearer speech and improved communication skills. With real-time feedback from a friendly AI, we ensure that they receive the guidance they need to reduce potential misinterpretations and enhance their social interactions.


To be a leading force in improving the lives of children with speech sound disorders by enabling clear, confident communication and enhanced social interactions.


We provide innovative AI-driven solutions that empower children with speech disorders to overcome communication barriers, fostering their growth, self-esteem, and overall development.

Our Product

Speech Sound Assessment

Interactive Speech Therapy

Personalized Exercise Plans


About Our Services

Speak Better, offers a comprehensive and personalized solution for children with speech sound disorders, specifically targeting Articulation and Phonological disorders.

Virtual Companion

Serving as a virtual companion for children with speech sound disorders

Interactive Games

Featuring a diverse range of interactive games that are enjoyable & beneficial

Tailored Exercises

Personalized exercises that cater to each child's specific needs


Providing guidance and practice at your child’s own pace

Real-Time Feedback

Constant feedback ensures that children receive constructive advice

Zulqarnain Awan


Founder's Message

Faced with the impracticality of traditional speech therapy, I envisioned Speak Better – an AI driven, affordable, and accessible solution. Our mission is to empower children nationwide by breaking down speech barriers and fostering active societal participation.

Speak Better AI

Shaping voices with a futuristic approach to therapy